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Thursday, 12 July 2007

The Bio Disc : Who Needs Structured Water?


Being sick is probably one of the major frustrations for most individuals. Not only do we feel lousy, but we also lose out on the most valuable commodity in the modern world; time. Illness happens when our bodies fight infection and bacteria or viruses attack our cells breaking down our defense system. Upkeeping a health immune system is essential to prevent illness. Once the illness has entered our body, the immune system is on red alert sending in all troops to fight the disease - and as a result we become tired and bedridden. The secret is to prevent disease before it occurs and with all the resources available to us today this can easily be achieved.

Chronic illnesses may not be as easily prevented but even these illnesses can have symptoms relieved with the proper prevention in diet and hydration.

According to the National Institute of Health (Nih), "The success of this system in defending the body relies on an incredibly elaborate and dynamic regulatory-communications network. Millions and millions of cells organized into sets and subsets, pass information back and forth like clouds of bees swarming around a hive. The result is a sensitive system of checks and balances that produces an immune response that is prompt, appropriate, effective, and self-limiting". Ensuring that our cells are in good shape and able to communicate effectively is a key concept in maintaining a healthy and strong immune system.

With the proper hydration, our cells remain clear and strong. When dehydration occurs, the cells stop communicating and they get sluggish. This leaves our body open to attack and often viruses enter causing much harm. Structured Water however not only hydrates the cell but does so quickly, which is essential when the body starts getting (or is) dehydrated. It enters the cell wall much quicker than regular water due to the small micro clusters of its molecular makeup:

In order to understand the importance of hydration, one needs to understand that the approximate one trillion lymphocytes (the immune system warriors; the white blood cells used to fight disease) found in the body are carried to various lymphatic organs (immune tissue) through the bloodstream. Lymphocytes cannot be carried and communicate quickly via the bloodstream if the body is not properly hydrated. Again, the process becomes sluggish and disease takes advantage. Lymphocytes and immune tissue are dependant on proper hydration, which is even further enhanced with Structured Water.

Structured Water is the best water you can provide your cells to ensure maximum efficiency and absorption. View your cells as billions of little friends who like to talk to each other and shuttle back and forth between each cell's house (domestic organ). They need water to live. With Structured Water you are giving them the best water available, which will reward you as your body's immune system will prove stronger and your overall health more solid.


Water is absolutely essential for the athlete and active individual. Not only for obvious reasons of weight loss and appetite control, but also for maximum performance. The simple secret behind many top athletes and fitness personalities is that they all consume plenty of water. When our bodies exert themselves, we sweat. This is our body's way of regulating the internal temperature and stems from the body working hard to pump oxygen to the heart. When we sweat, we lose water. The water that is lost in our temperature regulation needs to be replaced. If the water lost does not get replaced, our body loses its ability to perform at maximum efficiency. We become dehydrated. Dehydration has an adverse effect on muscle strength, endurance, and coordination and increases the risk of cramps heat exhaustion and life-threatening heat stroke. Ingesting water in proportion to sweat loss best maintains cardiovascular function and prevents body temperatures from rising too high. Dehydration is among the top five reasons for fatigue and lack of energy for many athletes.

Many worry about water, retention and therefore avoid drinking enough water. However, water retention can be avoided with the right water; Structured Water.

In order to avoid water retention, which is a common problem for many athletes, make sure that you drink Revitalized Structured Water. Revitalized structured water does not linger around the cells creating bloating and water retention, but it is absorbed into the cell immediately - creating rapid hydration and immediate bio availability of all the good nutrients we consume. The average athlete consumes at least 2-3 supplements per day. Vitamins, minerals, herbs, and various powders are all taken on a daily basis. However, just taking these supplements does not ensure that the yare properly absorbed into your body. If your body isn't clean and the proper hydration in place, the supplements will not reach the bloodstream and work their magic. They will merely be disposed by the body or stored in the colon. Proper hydration with structured water ensures that the supplement is delivered and absorbed into the cell wall. Water transports nutrients, and as such transports the supplement. In addition, to avoid water retention it is important to stay away from salty foods, which also absorb the water and takes away from the good work it does for the body. Salty foods (check the sodium levels on the labels of the foods you buy) counteract good hydration.

Finally, proper hydration assists with weight loss and general maintenance of good health. It curbs the appetite, helps flush out toxins and keeps our internal system clean, hydrated and refreshed. Revitalized Structured Water is the most clean, pure and hydrating water source on the market. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on diet supplements that do not work, make sure that you eat clean fresh foods, lots of vegetables and fruits and finally, drink Revitalized Structured Water to ensure maximum hydration.


According to the ThinkQuest organization "One of the main causes of dehydration is overexposure to the Sun. Athletes, or anyone who spend long hours in the Sun, or places of high temperature, run the risk of dehydration.

"Newborn infants and people over the age of 60 are especially susceptible to dehydration."

Dehydration is basically caused when the body loses water content and essential body salts such as sodium, potassium, calcium bicarbonate, and phosphate. Water makes up about 60% of a man's weight and 50% of a woman's weight. This proportion has to be kept within a very narrow limit to maintain a proper balance in the cells and body tissue.

A person suffering from dehydration will display the following symptoms:
  • A dry mouth with sticky mucus membrane in the mouth.
  • Decreased urine output or dark urine.
  • Sunken eyes.
  • Wrinkled skin which may lack its normal elasticity and sag back into position slowly when pinched into a fold.
  • Fatigue.
  • Dizziness confusion and coma.
  • Low blood pressure.
  • Severe thirst.
  • Increased heart-rate and breathing.

If you suffer from any of these symptoms we recommend you immediately seek a physician's assistance. However even if you just feel thirsty your body is already giving you the early warning signs for dehydration. If you drink just one pint of Structured Water you will restore your body's hydration balance. For maintenance one liter at a minimum per day is recommended (if you are over 60 we recommend two liters per day at a minimum). The Bio Disc

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