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Thursday, 5 July 2007

The Bio Disc : Discovery and Mechanism of the Bio Disc

Many healing springs and spa-waters with their special high bio-energetic charges are to be found in volcanic regions, where they are charged up not only under the direct influence of basaltic rocks, but also by the fields generated above such rock masses. In view of this the idea behind the Bio Disc principle is therefore to copy this process exactly.

Traditionally, we would need to have a very big plant to facilitate the production of the same spa-water. However, using Nano techonology, the minerals found in these basaltic rocks can be compressed in a little piece of Bio Disc. These minerals still radiates scalar energy which carries the natural resonance, called 'Beta Rhythm'. This 'Beta Rhythm' exist at the same frequency for all living organism. In fact, when a person is ill, this 'Beta Rhythm' changes from a left-hand spin to a right-hand spin.

As the water flows through the generated field it receives the impulse to harmonise itself. Resulting in complex clusters being formed again or 'structured water', which are characteristic of living vital water. In this process the water transfers from the energy-depleting left-hand spin to the energising and vitalising right-hand spin. This reverses the vibrational energy that is contained in 'water memory'.

Hence, the Bio Disc uplifts water of a lower resonance - in much the same way that a tuning fork ringing will start an "unstruck" tuning fork nearby also ringing.

Besides that, natures best pain killer is the Far Infra-Red (FIR) found in the light spectrum. Hence, infra-red lamps are frequently used to shine on pain areas e.g. joint pains. The 'Beta Rhythm' emitted from Bio Disc can be transported deep into affected joints with FIR, having a therapeutic effect.

The Bio Disc

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