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Thursday, 12 July 2007

The Bio Disc : Frequently Asked Questions

1. I'm healthy and fit - why do I need Revitalized Structured Water?
Everyone can benefit from drinking Structured water. It will provide the level of hydration needed to achieve and maintain optimum health.

2. I need to lose weight - how can Revitalized Structured Water help me?
Most people experience a dramatic increase in energy after using Structured Water, and this often leads to decreased appetite. Drinking water before, during, and after eating will help diminish the appetite and aid in digestion.

3. Do you have studies to substantiate these claims?
We have been vigorously testing Structured Water and currently have laboratory results which show lower boiling point, significantly lower viscosity (thinner water), and lower surface tension. These are all characteristics of a water with smaller clusters of molecules. Clinical test results also indicate a strong impact on the physiology after ingesting Structured Water. The amount of energy increase emanating from the body after drinking Structured Water has been documented and recorded using Kirlian photography.

4. What is the difference between mineral water and Structured Water?
Mineral water by definition has a certain quantity of dissolved minerals either added or occurring naturally. Structured Water has little or no solute particles, no additives, no chemicals, only pure spring water which has been molecularly modified for more rapid absorption.

5. Can I give my child structured water?
Children may be the ones who need it most. Most children today drink lots of sugared drinks and soda. Sodas alone rob the body of trillions of molecules of oxygen with each serving. This is certainly not giving your child the hydration their bodies desperately need for optimum growth and development.

6. Are there any additives/chemicals in structured water?
No. No additives, no chemicals, only pure spring water that has been restructured into smaller configurations of water molecules to facilitate cellular absorption.

7. What does it taste like?
The first sensation most people enjoy is how clean the water tastes. Soft, sweet, cool and refreshing are some other adjectives used.

8. Will I notice an increase in energy?
Structured water tends to liberate energy, one of the major benefits of Structured water is its energizing effect. Our cells are responsible for making energy(ATP), and water is the source for moving everything in and out of the cell. The more efficient you are hydrating your cells, the more energy you can produce!

9. How can structured water help me clean my system?
Structured Water will have a powerful cleansing (detoxifying) effect on your body. Its ability to rapidly and thoroughly hydrate promotes increased intercellular exchange, removal of accumulated toxins is one of the most positive attributes of Structured Water.

10. Can I drink too much Structured Water?
No. You cannot 'overdose' on Structured Water. Due to more rapid hydration, intercellular fluid exchange will also occur more rapidly. This can cause more frequent urination, which is very healthy for your system as it flushes out toxic materials from your system.

11. Can I take my medication with Structured Water?
We recommend that you wait at least an hour before and after taking medication before ingesting Structured Water. Remember Structured Water is a biological delivery system which increases cellular absorption. So medications can be more potent.

12. Can I take Structured Water with other supplements/ vitamins/ food?
Yes, most definitely. Remember, it is not what you eat, but what you actually absorb!!!


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