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Monday, 16 July 2007

The Bio Disc : Structured Water

As the extracellular fluid in the body is important, it should be kept as free of scale and in working order as possible. Especially because it is a part of our immune system. The basic regulation system is responsible for unspecific processes of repulse. For it runs through the whole body, disorders in the behavior of regulation have effects in the whole body. Scaling would therefore weaken the whole body. Because all substances the body cannot use are deposited here - if they are not taken away by the lymph’s and removed by the kidneys - and so to speak plug the transit course of the cells. These remain lying scale then hinder the transport of oxygen and nutrients to the cells and so again weaken the cell functions and with that life. In the following however the energetic balance of the organism is disturbed, too. Because these scale also are sending corresponding vibrations, which then influence the cells negatively as jamming vibration. Hereby the importance of water as a carrier of energy and information shall be pointed out. In other words: The extra cellular water of the connective tissue contains not only the physical scale, but stores the vibrations of these scale as well, passing these jamming energies and information on the whole organism. Wrong habits of living and malnutrition hereby surely play an important role. But let me also mention the following: Day for day we are exposed by breath and food to approximately 100.000 unnatural substances, means artificially produced and therefore strange for our body. With this metabolism and excretion are usually overburdened. Because also the necessary enzymes for the splitting of these artificial products are absent, these substances usually are stored, namely in the connective tissue. The consequences: increasing scaling impeding of the vesicular breathing, additional storage of metabolism scale, again promoting a hyperacidity of the tissue and binding valuable resistance ... And the whole happens in a holistic way, that means also on the energetic level. That is: Also the information of the artificial substances we consume and there scale has effects on our organism. At this stage we also want to point out the harmful impact of the so-called electrosmog. That is an additional factor for the stress of the organism. Considering that electrosmog destroys the cluster structure of water and that our body water can only fulfill its essential functions for the maintenance of life if it is existing in a highly complex cluster structure we begin to suspect the "blessings" of the achievements of our civilised world. The increase of the so called "civilisation diseases", the increase of cancer and the general weakening of the immune system, expressed in a dramatic increase of allergies, are speaking a clear language.

The connective tissue with the extra cellular fluid - and therefore the water - has therefore a key role in the human organism. It is a decisive factor for health or illness. This basic regulation system also is the docking system for the drunken water on the biological system of man. However, doing a biophysical examination of special thermal water, improvements of the reduction and oxidation processes as well as the Vivifier processes in the metabolism. The thermal water being transferred through the connective tissue caused an improvement of the whole metabolism of the cells and an improvement in the whole physical functioning. From the said clearly occurs why naturopathic orientated therapists consider de-scaling and detoxification of the organism as an essential precondition for a possible healing success. The kind of water that is consumed thereby is crucial. The effects of healing waters are well known since some hundred years. And healing waters distinguishes itself by a high energy, their vividness that is caused by the complex cluster structure. Because in our daily life such healing water rarely is available, we on the other side are permanently confronted with the mentioned stress and overload; it seems to be wise looking for other possibilities that we can consume alive, energy-loaded water. The water that is normally available does not fulfill these requirements. Therefore so-called methods for revitalisation have been developed, that is products, which shall revitalise unstructured water with low energy. Thereby complex cluster structures are built up and therefore a better biological usability. Bio Disc can better fulfill the key tasks of the organism, especially regarding the metabolism. The quality of our food No. One therefore has a hardly to underestimate importance, especially if one considers its central role in the connective tissue, that is in the system of basic regulation. The Bio Disc

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