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Monday, 16 July 2007

The Bio Disc : Modern Problem

Modern civilization does a variety of things to water that take all or most of the Life Force out of it. Western water treatment practices have been forcing water through straight and narrow pipelines, most often with the use of high pressure turbine pumps – these work on centrifugal action, in direct opposition to water’s preferred direction. We then add a known poison, (chlorine, plus up to 50 other chemicals) into it to sterilise the supply; furthermore, this damaged water is exposed to more straight-jacket pipelines and numerous 90 degree turns in city water mains that contain anaerobic life which may not be killed by the chlorine; it is often sent through local ‘re-chlorination’ stations before it reaches us - in a totally lifeless state. We acknowledge that all these treatments are necessary due to the way our massive water provision infrastructure has been set up. However, most of these treatments (which are having to become increasingly stronger in order to deal with the hardier strains mutating to resist the chlorine) inevitably cause the loss of the natural, original life force from the water. This altered and energetically-dead molecular condition reduces the water's resistance to disease, and causes a breakdown of natural balances which are so vital in the essential cell function of human, animal, plant and beneficial microbial life. In cities using such over-processed water, we are reaping the end result of this processed water: rampant bacteria build-up, mainly of the unwanted types of anaerobes, occurs in the water and in the pipeline systems, regardless of heavy chlorination. We are adding even higher levels of chlorine to our beleaguered water supplies, even in expensively built ‘after treatment’ substations, in order to deal with these obstinate bacterial problems. The aggressive, non-selective methods thus used (including Ozonation) to kill off all the bacteria, destroy the good with the bad, both in the water and inside of us; when we drink, shower, bath or swim in it.

According to National Sanitation Foundation International (NSF), non-profit body, chlorine in the treated water, on its long journey to our tap gets exposed to sun radiation becomes Tri Halo Methane (THMs). THMs has been documented to be carcinogenic. Boiling our water may get rid of chlorine, but not THMs! I believe BioDisc is able to reverse the negative vibratory resonance of THMs, thus rendering it harmless by virtue of its' scalar energy. Furthermore, the energised water, will perform its role as a stable molecular structure, for cellular integrity. Hence, our blood functions normal. I hail BioDisc as an ingenious discovery! The Bio Disc

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