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Friday, 13 July 2007

The Bio Disc : How to Use the Bio Disc Part I

Recomendation of on How to Use from Amezcua/Quest:
  1. Leave Bio Disc on Water (Container) Overnight. Drink charged water for overall well-being (especially in the morning).
  2. Rotate Bio Disc 20 minutes on area of pain daily (as frequently as required).
  3. Leave Bio Disc under mattress/4 bottles of water at 4 corners of room For a good rest.
  4. Leave Bio Disc in refrigerator to extend shelf life of food.
  5. Use BioDisc water for plants, animals.
  6. Rub cigarettes on BioDisc TM to lock harmful substances.
  7. Keep Biodisc with you to minimize Esmog effect.

The Bio Disc.

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