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Monday, 16 July 2007

The Bio Disc : Electro-Smog (Esmog)

E-smog or Electro-smog, its name derived from electro (electricity) + smog (fog) = Electro-smog, is a popular term used for all artificially produced electrical and magnetic fields as well as electromagnetic radiation. It is invisible, inaudible and odour-free yet it is everywhere around us. Nevertheless, using specific measuring equipment, it can be detected. E-smog is increasing over the years as we continue to electrify equipments we use on a daily basis.

There are many things that we do or use that produces e-smog, for example:
  • Domestic electrical installations and household equipment, transformers etc.
  • High-voltage cables, power supplies, cables and wires
  • Mobile telephones, baby-phones, wireless telephones, WiFi Lan's
  • Radio and television, radio communications, satellites
  • Civil or military radar stations and airplane radar transmitters
  • Remote controls
  • Industrial plants, welding and drying
  • Electric motors
  • Public transport, busses, trains, street cars etc...

The effects of e-smog on human health is somewhat argumentative at this stage. Scientist are not 100% sure but the answer is probably. There are a lot of research going on concerning mobile telephones and the indications are that there is an increased health risk. More studies will prevail. However, the current truth is that the intensity of e-smog is increasing, especially in the 2.4 GHz frequency band , as more and more applications like WiFi and BlueTooth are being used.

There are primarily 3 ways in which e-smog affects our bodies:

  • Thermal effect: it damages the organism by individual molecules, cells or organs being fed so much energy that they are totally or partially destroyed, just like in the microwave oven.
  • Signal effect: An organism can convert even the weakest fields into powerful biological responses which can result in disturbances in the hormone balance, bio-rhythm, psyche and the immune system
  • Electro-stress: an enormous variety of tiny waves penetrates into the body. The human body comprises of billions of particles, all of which wish to move or to oscillate with the waves like tiny compass needles. This is not possible, as the cells are part of a firm tissue and fixed cell structures. This fight to "break away" ends in a "physical long-term stress".

Bio Disc has a positive spin that overpowers e-smog. Hence, if you have Bio Disc on your body, it overcomes e-smog from your mobile telephone and computer. In addition to that, Bio Disc creates molecular structure in water which will neurtralise e-smog found in water. the Bio Disc

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