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Thursday, 12 July 2007

The Bio Disc : What is the Bio Disc?

1. What is the BioDisc?

BioDisc is a NATURAL ENERGY producing device. The energy it produces is Called scalar energy.

2. What is in the BioDisc?

The BioDisc is made of 13 technically Engineered natural minerals fused together, The bonding the minerals is at a molecular level using nano fusion and high heat..The combination minerals in fusion produces catalytic conversion resulting in scalar energy and long lasting scalar resonance.

3. What does scalar energy do?

Scalar energy/resonance rejuvenates molecular structure in all liquids.The molecular Structure of the liquid exposed to scalar energy will restore to its natural molecular structure and chain. We call the BioDisc treated water structured water/energized water vivified water

4. How does the water structure look like before and after it is exposed to the BioDisc?

5. Where else can you find structured water?

You can find structured water in

  1. Amniotic fluid (fluid in mother’s womb)
  2. Healing spring water (Like Fountain in Lourdes, France (The famous "healing" well.) or Spring Water of Sanbuichi Yusui, Japan)
  3. Water treated by the BioDisc (vivified,energized water)

6. How does structured water work in the human body?

Structured water

  1. is Smaller clusters opposed to normal larger clusters of water molecule
  2. is Infused with life enhancing frequencies (like healing spring water)
  3. has Perfect crystal shape

Because of these features,movement of water In and out of the cells is at optimum (versus regular/unbound Water)

Due to the free movement of water through the cells walls,water is being efficiently and rapidly absorbed:
  1. enhancing transport of nutrients
  2. improves waste removal
  3. maintains proper communication between cells
Our cells are responsible for making energy (ATP),repair proteins and an amazing array of bio-chemicals. Proper hydration and absorption of nutrients into the cells is a key concept of healthy living.

7. Diagram showing the effect of structured water on cells

8. How does scalar energy/resonance work?

  1. BioDiscTM create effective and efficient hydration into the cells of the body by changing drinking water into a biocompatible type of water based on the frequency signature of water.
  2. The frequency signature of drinking water needs to be in harmony with that of living cells.
  3. Water needs to flow in and out of the cells easily and should not be trapped inside the cells or outside the cells in the extra-cellular tissue (water retention/bloating)

9. How can water pick up scalar resonance from the BioDisc?

The BioDiscTM energy spins into the liquid counter clockwise and the liquid can be poured over the BioDiscTM were it ‘picks up’ the resonance from the disc. This resonance is similar to healing spring water.

10. What does structured water taste like?

The first sensation most people enjoy is how clean the water tastes. Soft, sweet, cool and refreshing are some other adjectives used.

11. What are the benefits of drinking energized, Structured water?

• Wetter water – added ability for the body organs to hydrate and absorb water (due to reduced surface tension of water)
• Increased Oxygen potential – Increasing oxygen in the blood cells increases energy levels
• Hydratious water detoxifies body organs
• Hydratious water may reduce the effects of alcohol on the body
• Reduction in the bodies E-smog caused electro imbalances – reducing stress levels
• Hydratious water directly benefits long haul flight passengers – reduced jet lag
• Increased body absorption of commercially produced nutrients and vitamins

12. Can I drink too much Structured Water?

No. You cannot 'overdose' on Structured Water. Due to more rapid hydration, intercellular fluid exchange will also occur more rapidly. This can cause more frequent urination, which is very healthy for your system as it flushes out toxic materials from your system.

13. Are there any additives/chemicals in structured water?

No. No additives, no chemicals, only pure spring water that has been restructured into smaller configurations of water molecules to facilitate cellular absorption.

14. I'm healthy and fit - why do I need Revitalized Structured Water?

Everyone can benefit from drinking Structured water. It will provide the level of hydration needed to achieve and maintain optimum health

15. I need to lose weight - how can Revitalized Structured Water help me?

Most people experience a dramatic increase in energy after using Structured Water, and this often leads to decreased appetite. Drinking water before, during, and after eating will help diminish the appetite and aid in digestion.

16. Will I notice an increase in energy?

Structured water tends to liberate energy.One of the major benefits of Structured water is its energizing effect. Our cells are responsible for making energy(ATP), and water is the source for moving everything in and out of the cell. The more efficient you are hydrating your cells, the more energy you can produce!

17. How can structured water help me clean my system?

Structured Water will have a powerful cleansing (detoxifying) effect on your body. Its ability to rapidly and thoroughly hydrate promotes increased intercellular exchange, removal of accumulated toxins is one of the most positive attributes of Structured Water.

18. Can I take my medication with Structured Water?

We recommend that you wait at least an hour before and after taking medication before ingesting Structured Water Structured Water is a biological delivery system which increases cellular absorption. So medications can be more potent. If you take medication with structured water,your medication dosage will decrease.Please monitor our dosage closely when ingestion medication with structured water.

19. Can I take Structured Water with other supplements/ vitamins/ food?

Yes, most definitely. Remember, it is not what you eat, but what you actually absorb!!!

20. What is the difference between mineral water and Structured Water?

Mineral water by definition has a certain quantity of dissolved minerals either added or occurring naturally. Structured Water has little or no solute particles, no additives, no chemicals, only pure spring water which has been molecularly modified for more rapid absorption.

21. Structured water and Illness

Ensuring that our cells are in good shape and able to communicate effectively is a key concept in maintaining a healthy and strong immune system. With the proper hydration, our cells remain clear and strong. When dehydration occurs, the cells stop communicating and they get sluggish. This leaves our body open to attack and often viruses enter causing much harm.

Structured Water however not only hydrates the cell but does so quickly, which is essential when the body starts getting (or is) dehydrated.

In order to understand the importance of hydration, one needs to understand that the approximate one trillion lymphocytes (the immune system warriors; the white blood cells used to fight disease) found in the body are carried to various lymphatic organs (immune tissue) through the bloodstream.

Lymphocytes cannot be carried and communicate quickly via the bloodstream if the body is not properly hydrated. Again, the process becomes sluggish and disease takes advantage. Lymphocytes and immune tissue are dependant on proper hydration, which is even further enhanced with Structured Water. View your cells as billions of little friends who like to talk to each other and shuttle back and forth between each cell's house (domestic organ). They need water to live.

With Structured Water you are giving them the best water available, which will reward you as your body's immune system will prove stronger and your overall health better.

22. Structured water and athletes

Water is absolutely essential for the athlete and active individual for

  1. weight loss
  2. appetite control
  3. maximum performance.

The simple secret behind many top athletes and fitness personalities is that they all consume plenty of water. When our bodies exert themselves, we sweat. This is our body's way of regulating the internal temperature and stems from the body working hard to pump oxygen to the heart. When we sweat, we lose water.

The water that is lost in our temperature regulation needs to be replaced. If the water lost does not get replaced, our body loses its ability to perform at maximum efficiency. We become dehydrated.

Dehydration has an adverse effect on muscle strength, endurance, and coordination and increases the risk of cramps heat exhaustion and life-threatening heat stroke. Ingesting water in proportion to sweat loss best maintains cardiovascular function and prevents body temperatures from rising too high. Dehydration is among the top five reasons for fatigue and lack of energy for many athletes.

23. Will drinking excessive structured water cause bloating?

Many worry about water, retention and therefore avoid drinking enough water. However, water retention can be avoided with the right water; Structured Water. Revitalized structured water does not linger around the cells creating bloating and water retention, but it is absorbed into the cell immediately - creating rapid hydration and immediate bio availability of all the good nutrients we consume.

24. Can I give my child structured water?

Children may be the ones who need it most. Give your child the hydration their bodies desperately need for optimum growth and development.

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