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Monday, 16 July 2007

The Bio Disc : Does Qi or Life force energy exist?

Imagine, in a war zone, there are lots of dead people as well as people who are injured. These injured people often require blood. By right, we could take the blood out from the dead people and transfuse them into the injured people right? Some would say why not. However, if this is possible, then why is there still a world shortage of blood??

We cannot use the blood from dead people because it is void of Life force energy! It is DEAD!
All living being has a vibrational frequency or BioFrequency. A person is certified dead when the brain waves stops rather than when the heart stops. Hence, these frequency changes when a person is not well. For example in cancer, these changes in BioFrequency happens years before the cancer is detected.

Then why drink 'Dead' water??


Water is alive when it is found in its natural environment i.e., a spring or mountain stream.

People who live in developed countries get their water supply from tap water that has been pretreated with chemicals like chlorine. These chemicals are not good for health. Hence, people attempt to maintain good health using filters. Nevertheless, these water are still 'dead' water due to the previous treatment that water has been subjected too, water has memory. The water has a memory of the chemicals that it has contact with. Besides that, the turbines used to move these water chops up the internal structure of water i.e. Damaged Water.

So What?

Water is the essence of every living being. Seventy percent of our body weight is composed of water! So, if the water that we drink is 'dead' water, don't you think it will affect our health? Think about it...
  • Why is it that as we grow older we get wrinkles on our face?
  • Does it seems that more people are getting chronic illnesses like cancer?
  • If the water that you consume is restored to its natural state just like spring water, would it be good?
It's exciting news, because I do not believe in taking supplements. However, maintaining good health with water, I accept!

All You Need is Bio Disc!

Technically engineered natural minerals have been structurally bonded in glass, at molecular level, using several high heat fusion methods. This combination of the techniques causes a catalytic energy conversion creating a long lasting, specific natural Nano resonance in the BIO DISC.

Just like how a tuning fork breaks glass at a specific frequency or resonant another tuning fork closeby.

Transferring the "Nano Energising Frequency" into or through liquid affects the nanos within the liquid. When the mineral nanos come into contact with the specific frequency they behave completely differently from the host atom for instance: they boil quicker, are lighter and refract more light. This natural resonance has the ability to create a molecular structure in all manufactured or treated liquid and vegetation.

Product Benefit
  • It will enhance taste of food and beverages
  • It helps to improve sleep
  • It has the ability to balance ying and yang and create a Qi Life force
  • It helps to create energized water by placing drinking water on top of it
  • It has calming effects of the resonance increases mental Cognition
  • By drinking the energized water created from Bio Disc will help you detoxify and hydrate all body cells
  • It reduces stress levels
  • It increased take up of nutrients
  • It increases oxygenation of the blood
  • It enhances your immune system of the body. The Bio Disc

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