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Monday, 16 July 2007

The Bio Disc : Water has Memory

On the molecular level, water is very much an alive, animated substance. Oxygen and hydrogen form a solid body, yet an amazingly restless and excited mass. In every drop of water, electrical charges cause a never-ending colliding, joining and breaking apart of particles, (all at a rate of billions of such movements per second), as the water molecule perpetually fluctuates between the hexagonal and the spherical shape. This same "molecular dance" happens in all live water, whether within the cellular fluid or within the rainbow or storm cloud. The permanent striving for the spherical or pyramidal shape is caused by the unstable angle of 104.5 degrees, in which the hydrogen and oxygen atoms cling to each other. At a temperature below 0 Celsius, there is a tendency towards the hexagon shape, while above 0 degrees the tendency is towards the spherical shape of the water molecules. This results in a perpetual back and forth fluctuation of the structure or form of the molecule, at this difficult-to-imagine, very rapid pace, and therefore there will always be a vibration, "a never-ending, microscopic whirling dance" in all water. Consequently, researchers speak of the "open structure" of the water, a quality that allows it to comply with other elements and at the same time to dissolve them.

Water combines with almost everything it comes in contact with. Consequently, there is not such a thing as "pure" water in nature. It is always "imprinted" by momentary contact with air, or contact with any surface or substance. It is influenced and changed by such, because of its innate "memory" - that is, water’s ability to retain residual vibrations of all substances contacting that water. Beneficial physical properties are produced in the water by its exposure to beneficial vibrations such as sunlight. Solar radiation results in an acceleration of the vibration of the water molecules, as they absorb energised oxygen, C02 and warmth. Harmful frequencies from water's exposure to chemicals or heavy metals are left to linger in water after its contact with those harmful substances, even if such substances have been removed from the water through filtering, reverse osmosis, distillation, etc. Through this vibrational ‘memory effect’, or ‘magnetic resonance’, information of a contaminant, including information of polarity is retained in the water molecule via its vibrations. This memory effect is sustained long after the disappearance of the contaminant from the water. The only known way of reversing this memory effect is through vibrational re-energising of the water. The direction of spin or rotation of the molecule itself is corrected, and its velocity can be accelerated in a dextrose or right-hand direction. We can say this also for any living thing, as all living things contain large percentages of water. THE BIO DISC

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